Everything with happiness


Shan Ho grew up in Hong Kong. She love architecture and crowded cities, but she hates them and prefers to stay close to nature. Not long after graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design on Multimedia design.  Also completed the prestigious four-year training program at Hong Kong Baptist University on jewelry design and making. In 2010, She makes a big step forward on her life adventure, established her own studio, SHANHO jewelry in 2010.

SHANHO jewelry is designed to bring nature and emotion back to life. Her works inspired from nature, found objects and every daily experience. Purse beauty and intent to make timeless jewelry.

She believe jewelry is an interesting medium as an art piece on body to make visual statement.

Every piece of jewelry is handmade with care and given special attention to detail.

Every piece is designed to everyday wear, with a focus on comfort, material, and interaction with the body.

SHANHO offers custom designed and hand crafted commitment, engagement and wedding rings.  Each and every piece is carefully manufactured by her.